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Eclipse is located at Sakura BJJ

87 Bassett Hwy Dover, NJ 07801

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 Eclipse Spring Schedule 2019





Sun 6/30-Tues 7/2 Fargo Training Camp Rider University
Thurs 7/11-Sun 7/21 Fargo both styles NDSU
For 33 years Eclipse has been dedicated to developing wrestlers of all ages freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. We create a fun learning environment that has been proven effective for all levels of wrestlers. Our national champions and inexperienced wrestlers train, develop and improve side by side. Our results training athletes to reach all american status at USAW national events is unparalleled. We have trained wrestlers who have won 40 National Titles and over 200 All Americans at USAW National Events. Check out our All Amercian page to see the list. However we are most proud that wrestlers of all levels improve and have fun at Eclipse and those who want succees at a national level thrive.
We will start our 34th season of freestyle and Greco Roman training on Monday March 11. Practice will run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 until Wednesday July 10. Registration is on any club night. There are 3 ways join Eclipse. Click on the registration link for info. 
 Congratulations to Niccolo Colucci on finishing 6th at the UWW Cadet World Team Trials. 
Congratulations to UWW Jr. National Champ and Double Style All American Spencer Carey
Congratulations to UWW Cadet Double Style All American Tiny Davidson
Eclipse Wrestling At Fargo
Wrestlers who trained at Eclipse had an amazing showing the Cadet and Jr. Nationals in Fargo.  15 wrestlers competed and 8 wrestled both freestyle and Greco Roman.  Our wrestlers brought home 5 stop signs. In the past 3 seasons wrestlers training at Eclipse won a total of 25 medals. Our wrestler's results and medal count can compare to the results of any club in the country. Congratulations to all of the wrestlers who entered our room who improved their wrestling and helped themselves and those they trained with to reach their goals. 
Special thanks to our coaches:
Bobby Shearer, Anthony Leardi and
Larry Levinstone
UWW Cadets/University Nationals 
3 All Americans
Justin Bierdumpfel 3rd Freestyle
PJ Gohn 6th Cadet Greco
Paul Galipeau 7th Universtiy Greco
PA Club Duals
Eclipse finished in 2nd Place out of 15 teams
4 wins, 1 loss
Eclipse 51 - Contender Elite 14
Eclipse 49 - Southern Maryland 19
Eclipse 55 - Brookville 6
Eclipse 42 - Young Guns Red 30
Eclipse 17 - Young Guns Blue 50
Northeastern Regionals
27  Wrestlers
1 Double Champ
6 Gold
3 Silver
2 Bronze
2 Fourth
Freestyle States
38 Wrestlers 
28 Medals
10 Golds
Freestyle State Ranking Tournament & Greco States
33 Wrestlers
26 Golds
53 Medals
Eclipse Wrestling At Fargo
Wrestlers who trained at Eclipse had an amazing showing the Cadet and Jr. Nationals in Fargo.  19 wrestlers competed and 14 wrestled both freestyle and Greco Roman.  Our wrestlers won an amazing 124 matches. 9 wrestlers won 11 medals. For the second year in a row our wrestler\\\\\'s results and medal count can compare to the results of any club in the country. Conratulations to all of the wrestlers who entered our room who improved their wrestling and helped those they trained with to reach their goals. 
Special thanks to our coaches: Bobby Shearer, Anthony Leardi and Larry Levinstone
Fall Session Starts September 9 
Mid Atlantic Duals
congratulations to Eclipse wrestlers who participated at the Mid Atlantic Duals. Eclipse won all of their matches in both Freestyle and Greco in both the High School and Middle School Divisions.
Cadet National Duals
Congratulations to PJ Gohn for going undefeated and making the USA Wrestling All Tournament Team at the Cadet Greco Natinal Duals.
Congrationlations to the 14 wrestlers training at Eclipse for helping Team NJ finish 5th at the Cadet Freestyle National Duals.
4 new videos up on the YouTube Channel
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14 Team NJ Cadet National Duals team members training at Eclipse
Will Guida, Kaya Sement, Mark Montgomery, Michael Kelly, PJ Gohn, Camen Ferante, Joe Sacco, Michael Ilic, Alex Amato, Maguire Pecci, Nicky Cabanillas, Charlie Cunnningham, Ricky Cabanillas, Garrett Beam
Team NJ Schoolboy National Duals team members training at Eclipse
Anthony Clark 16-0 Alex Strashinky 8 wins Dante Stefanelli 8 wins
UWW Cadets Akron Ohio
Great performance at a USA Wrestling National event.
3 Medalist earn All America honnors
Spencer Carey 3rd
PJ Gohn 4th
Dean Drugac 5th
Congratulations to the Eclipse wrestlers ranked by USA Wrestling
Alex Strashinsky, Niccolo Colucci, Will Guida,
Kaya Cement, Mark Montgomery, PJ Gohn,
Shane Sosinsky, Michael Ilic, Wade Drugac,
Ahmed Homsi, Brandon Kui, Christian Colucci
Northeast Regionals 2015
Eclipse wrestlers had a great showing at the Northeast Regionals earning 28 medals, 18 finalists and 10 champs.  There were 8 double medalists and 2 double champs.
Freestlye Medalists-
Evan Thompson 3rd Shane Nelson 3rd Alex Strashinsky 2nd Will Guida 1st Justin Bierdumpfel 1st Kaya Sement 2nd Mark Montgomery 2nd Carmen Ferrante 2nd Niccolo Colucci 2th Michael Ilic 4th Robbie Gennant 4th Daniel Percelay 4th Brandon Kui 1st Christian Colucci 2nd
14 medals, 3 champs
Greco Medalists-
Will Guida 1st Justin Bierdumpfel 1st Niccolo  Colucci 1st Kaya Sement 3rd Mark Montgomery 2nd Wade Drujac 4nd  Robbie Gannet 2nd  Ahmed Homsi 3rd Michael Kelly 1nd PJ Gohn 1nd Brandon Kui 2nd Luke Drujac 3rd Dean Drujac 2nd Christian Colucci 1st
14 medals,  6 champs
Another great showing to start the competitive Freestyle and Greco Roman season at the State Ranking Tournament and Greco States. Over 20 wrestlers training at Eclipse won their weight class.  More than 10 won both styles.
Eclipse finishes 5-0 at the Blair Duals
Eclipse defeated Maine Trappers, Apex, Team Cole, Seagulls and Benton.  Congratulations to Danny Percelay, Dylan Saggio, Anthony Lopez, Joe Deehan, Will Kui, Vince Concina, Brendon Seyfried, Brandon Kui, Shane Sosinsky, Spencer Carey, Joey Schiele, Nick DePalma, Christian Colucci, Michael Kellstrom. 
Five wrestlers went undefeated- Danny Percelay, Will Kui, Brendon Seyfried, Spencer Carey and Christian Colucci.
Spring 2014 Eclipse By The Numbers
Club Team Duals
1st Gotham City Duals
3rd PAWF Kids Club Duals
Freestyle States 
40 wrestlers competed
33 Medalists
20 Champs 
Freestyle Ranking Tournament/Greco States
20 Double Medalists
Schoolboy National Duals
4th Place Freestyle
6 Wrestlers on Team NJ
1 Coach
1 Double Style Undefeated Wrestler
4 Freestyle Undefeated Wrestlers
Fila Cadet Nationals
3 Greco All Americans
1 Freestyle All American
Northeast Regionals
21 Freestyle Medalists
6 Champs
24 Greco Roman Medalists
6 Champs 
17 Double Style Medalists
4 Double Style Champs
Cadet National Duals
5th Place Freestyle
6th Place Greco
12 Wrestlers on Team Nj
1 Coach
Schoolboy Nationals
1 Double Style All American
21 Wrestlers on Team NJ
19 Wrestlers Wrestling Both Styles
5 Cadet Greco All Americans
1 Junior Greco Finalist
2 Cadet Freestyle All American
1 Double Style All American
2 Freestyle All Americans at Fargo.  Congratulations to Cadet Freeystyle Medalists Luke Drugac 7th Place and Brandon Kui 8th Place.
6 Greco Roman All Americans at Fargo. Congratulations to Jr. Greco Silver Medalist Will Kui and Cadet Greco Medalists Dean Drugac Bronze Medal, Luke Drugac 5th, Requir Van der Merwe 7th, Spencer Carey 7th and Aiden Monteverdi 8th.
Joe Sacco places both styles at the Schoolboy Nationals earning Double All American Honors finishing 5th in Greco and 4th in Freestyle
Team NJ adds a 5th Place in Freestyle to the 6th Place in Greco at the Cadet National Duals.  Team NJ was led by 12 wrestlers training at Eclipse.  Helping Team NJ finish 5th and 6th in the nation were Eclipse Coach Larry Levinstone and Eclipse wrestlers Michael Kelly, PJ Gohn, Andrew Merola, Garrett Beam, Aidan Monteverdi, Sean Glasgow, TJ Calas, Michael Ilic, Luke Drugac, Nigel Feliz, Dean Drugac and Junid Homsi.
Team NJ Finishes 4th at the Freestyle Schoolboy National Duals. Team NJ was led by Eclipse Coach Anthony Leardi and 6 Eclipse wrestlers Will Guida, Justin Beirdumpfel, Joe Heilmann, Gerard Angelo, Carmen Ferrante and Wade Drugac combined for a 42-6 record.  Will Guida finished undefeated in both Greco and Freestyle.  Justin Beirdumpfel, Joe Heilmann and Gerard Angelo finshed undefeated in Freestyle.
Four Wrestlers Earn All American Honors At The Fila Cadet Nationals
Congratulations To Michael Kelly 6th Place Greco, PJ Gohn 6th Place Greco, Will Kui 5th Place Greco and Kyle Bierdumpfel 5th Place Freestyle
Eclipse Takes 3rd Out of 12 Teams at the PAWF Kids Club Duals
Eclipse Wrestlers Medal Everywhere
At Northest Regionals.
21 Freestyle Medalists, 6 Champs.
24 Greco Roman Medalists, 6 Champs. 
45 Medals in Both Styles and 12 Champs
17 Double Style Medalists, 4 Champs
Freestlye Medalists-
Danny Wask 2nd Domenick Merola 3rd Will Guida 1st Justin Bierdumpfel 1st Joe Heilmann 2nd Alex Amato 4th Joe Sacco 1st Niccolo Colucci 4th Wade Drugac 3rd Michael Kelly 1st PJ Gohn 4th Aiden Monteverdi 2nd Brandon Kui 1st Spencer Carey 3rd Shane Sosinsky 4th Luke Drugac 3rd Dean Drugac 3rd Junid Homsi 3rd Kyle Beirdumpfel 1st Will Kui 4th Christian Colucci 2nd
21 medals 6 champs
Greco Medalists-
Danny Wask 2nd Luke Ciampa 4th Domenick Merola 2nd Will Guida 1st Justin Bierdumpfel 1st Alex Amato 4th Joe Sacco 1st Wade Drugac 2nd  Michael Kelly 2nd PJ Gohn 2nd Andrew Merola 4th Chris Gentile 4th TJ Calas 2nd Brandon Kui 2nd Spencer Carey 1st Michael Ilic 2nd Luke Drugac 1st Dean Drugac 3rd Nigel Feliz 4th Junid Homsi 2nd Kyle Bierdumpfel 1st Will Kui 4th Stephen Persaud 1st Christian Colucci 3rd
24 medals 6 champs

Once again Eclipse dominates the field.  This time at the Freestyle States. Over 40 Wrestlers competing. Over 30 Medals. 20 Champions. Dom Merola 1st, Luke Ciampa 2nd, Shane Percelay 1st, Justin Bierdumpfel 1st, Brandon LaRue 3rd, Joe Heilmann 1st, Sebastian Cornejo 3rd, Josh Gobencion 1st, Gerard Angelo 1st, Carmen Ferrante 1st, Nicolo Colucci 3rd, Wade Drugac 1st, Ahmed Homsi 1st, Joe Deehan 3rd, Spencer Carey 1st, Christian Colucci 1st, Nigel Feliz 3rd, Brandon Seyfried 3rd, Luke Drugac 1st, Dean Drugac 1st, Andrew Merola 1st, Matt Noble 1st, Will Kui 2nd, Brandon Kui 1st, Damion Maver 2nd, PJ Gohn 2nd, Junid Homsi 2nd, TJ Calas 3rd, Aiden Monteverdi 2nd, Shane Sosinsky 3rd, Joey McKenna, Mason Manville 1st, Requir Van der Merwe 1st, Michael Kelly 1st

Eclipse wins the Gotham City Duals Tournament.  

Eclipse Dominates Freestyle Ranking Tournament and Greco States. Over 20 Double Medalists

Check the All American Page for contact information
ECLIPSE is located at Sakura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
87 Bassett Hwy Dover, NJ 07801