Everyone must a valid 2020-2021 USA Wrestling card and fill out the USA Wrestling Medical Waiver.
Cash only $20 per practice, pay as you go. Each wrestler must have a predetermined partner or partners before practice each night.
Each wrestler must have a USA Wrestling competitor's card (Sept. 2020- Aug 2021 required) prior to training.  Cards can be purchased on line http://usawmembership.com/ through USA Wrestling.  Each wrestler must have a USA Wrestling medical information and waiver form completed  http://content.themat.com/forms/Medicalwaivers.pdf with all of the necessary signatures prior to training.  Please include a current E-Mail address on the form.


Check out the most recent coverage on Eclipse- http://www.fivepointmove.com/greco-wrestling-training/matt-ciampa-pushes-new-jersey-eclipse-national-stage/ as well as the previous coverage- http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles/8852 -on the nation\\\\\'s premier wrestling website, intermat. More online coverage can be found on flowrestling presented by gardenstate wrestling- http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/249456-Garden-State-Wrestling-Club-Tour/video/645984-Eclipse-Wrestling-Club


One last note, we would like to congratulate the founder of Eclipse, Richard Brodman on his induction into the Region 3 Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2012.  Mr. Brodman started our club.  He designed the philosophy of the club, structure of our training and tradition that has proven successful for over 30 years.  Congrats Uncle Ricky.

Contact Matt Ciampa at- eclipsegut@optonline.net –with any questions.
Eclipse Wrestling