USAW Freestyle and Greco Roman National Tournaments
National Champs & All-Americans that have trained at Eclipse
(if you have wrestled for the club and your name is not listed please email us and we will correct the problem)
GR - Greco-Roman
FS - Freestyle
National Champions
All Americans
Spencer Carey (UWW Junior GR 1st)
Andrew Merola (Cadet GR 1st)
Joey McKenna (Fila Jr. FS 1st)
Mark Grey (Fila Jr. FS 1st)
Mason Manville (Cadet GR 1st Outstanding Wrestler Award / Cadet FS 1st)
Joseph McKenna (Junior GR 1st)
Jordan Kutler (Fila Cadet FS 1st)
Joe McKenna (Fila Cadet FS 1st)
Mark Grey (Fila Jr FS 1st)
Joe McKenna (Cadet GR 1st)
Dylan Milonas (Cadet FS 1st)
Tyler Fraley (Junior GR 1st)
Joe McKenna (Cadet GR 1st)
Matt Ciampa (Veterans C FS 1st/GR 1st)
Tyler Fraley (Cadet GR 1st)
Mark Grey (Cadet GR 1st/ Cadet Pan Ams FR 1st)
Joe McKenna (Schoolboy GR 1st/ FS 1st)
Zach Rey (University FS 1st)
Max Rogers (Fila Cadet GR 1st)
Mark Grey (Fila Cadet FS 1st/ Cadet GR 1st/ Cadet FS 1st)
Nick Anderson (Schoolboy FS 1st)
Dylan Milonas (Schoolboy FS 1st)
Jared Platt (Junior FS 1st/ Fila Junior Pan-Am FS 1st, GR 1st)
Gabe Ramos (Fila Cadet GR 1st)
Mark Grey (Schoolboy FS 1st)
Anthony Perrotti (Schoolboy FS 1st)
Mike Grey (Cadet FS 1st)
Brian Nunziato (Cadet FS 1st)
Nik Fekete (Junior FS 1st)
Cory Posey (Fila Junior GR 1st)
Nik Fekete (Cadet GR 1st Outstanding Wrestler Award/ Cadet FS 1st)
Cory Posey (FILA Junior 1st)
Jason Evers (Cadet GR 1st/ Outstanding Wrestler Award)
Niccolo Colucci (UWW Cadet FR 6th)
Spencer Carey (UWW JR FR 8th)
Tiny Davidson (UWW Cadet GR 2nd, FR 5th)
Brandon Kui (Junior FR 4th)
Justin Bierdumpfel (Cadet FR 2nd)
Gerard Angelo (Cadet FR 4th)
Anthony Clark (Cadet FR 5th)
PJ Gohn (Junior Greco 4th)
Justin Bierdumpfel (UWW Cadets FR 3rd)
PJ Gohn (UWW Cadet GR 6th)
Paul Galipeau ( University GR 7th)
Michael Amoroso (Veterans B FS 2nd)
Christian Colucci (UWW Jr. GR 3rd)
Spencer Carey (UWW Cadet GR 3rd)
PJ Gohn (UWW Cadet GR 4th)
Dean Drugac (UWW Cadet GR 5th)
Requir Van der Merwe (Junior FS 4th)
Kyle Bierdumpfel (Junior FS 4th)
Spencer Carey (Junior FS 6th)
Dean Drugac (Junior FS 4th)
Will Kui (Junior GR 5th)
Brandon Kui (Junior GR 5th)
Dean Drugac (Junior GR 7th)
Carmen Ferrante (Cadet FS 6th)
Andrew Merola (Cadet FS 4th)
Aiden Monteverdi (Cadet GR 4th)
Joey McKenna (World Championship FS 2nd)
Will Kui (Junior GR 2nd)
Dean Drugac (Cadet GR 3rd)
Kris Lindemann (Cadet GR 5th)
Luke Drugac (Cadet GR 5th)
Requir Van der Merwe (Cadet GR 7th)
Spencer Carey (Cadet GR 7th)
Aiden Monteverdi (Cadet GR 8th)
Luke Drugac (Cadet FR 7th)
Brandon Kui (Cadet FR 8th)
Joe Sacco (Schoolboy GR 5th, FS 4th)
Kyle Bierdumpfel (Fila Cadet FS 5th)
Will Kui (Fila Cadet GR 5th)
PJ Gohn (Fila Cadet GR 6th)
Michael Kelly (Fila Cadet GR 6th)
Kyle Bierdumpfel (Cadet FS 5th)
Anthony Cefolo (Junior GR 3rd)
Dean Drugac (Cadet GR 6th)
Anthony Giraldo (Junior GR 3rd)
Joseph McKenna (
Fila Jr. FS 3rd/Junior FS 2nd)
Matt Noble (Cadet FS 7th)
Requir van der Merwe (South African National Cadet FS 1st)
Kyle Bierdumpfel (Cadet GR 2nd/ FS 2nd)
Brenden Calas (Junior GR 8th)
Anthony Cefolo (Cadet GR 5th)
Joe McKenna (Junior FS 2nd)
Anthony Ashnault (Cadet GR 4th/ Cadet FS 3rd)
Tyler Fraley (Junior GR 2nd)
Mark Grey (Junior Worlds 5th)
Michael Ilic (Novice GR 3rd/ Novice FS 3rd)
Joe McKenna (Cadet FS 5th)
Anthony Russo (Intermediate GR 4th/ Intermediate FS 4th)
Chris Skretkowicz (Senior GR 8th, Senior FS 7th)
Anthony Ashnault (Cadet GR 5th/ Cadet FS 3rd)
Brendan Calas (Cadet GR 8th)
Tyler Casamenti (Cadet GR 6th/ Cadet FS 2nd)
Tyler Fraley (Junior FS 7th/ Fila Cadet GR 3rd)
Mark Grey (Junior GR 4th/ Junior FS 5th/ Fila Cadet FS 3rd/ Fila Junior 7th)
Mike Grey (University FS 4th)
Joe McKenna (Fila Cadet GR 3rd)
Jimmy Stillerman (Schoolboy GR 4th)
Jarred Platt (University FS 2nd)
Willie Wilson (Fila Cadet GR 4th/ Fila Cadet FS 5th)
Tyler Fraley (Fila Cadet GR 2nd/Cadet FS 2nd)
Mark Grey (Fila Cadet FS 2nd/Cadet FS 2nd)
Lou Mascola (Cadet FS 6th)
Max Rogers (Fila Cadet FS 5th)
Ryan Sacco (Fila Cadet GR 4th)
Nik Fekete (Senior FS 2nd)
Lou Mascola (Fila Cadet FS 5th)
Joe Orecchio (Fila Cadet FS 2nd/ Cadet FS 2nd)
Max Rogers (Cadet FS 8th)
Nick Anderson (Schoolboy GR 2nd)
Devon Geoghegan (Schoolboy FS 2nd/ Schoolboy GR 2nd)
Joe Kania (Fila Cadet GR 5th)
Jorge Lopez (Schoolboy FS 5th/ Schoolboy GR 5th)
Dylan Milonas (Schoolboy GR 3rd)
Gabe Ramos (Junior GR 7th)
Danny Reis (Schoolboy FS 4th/ Schoolboy GR 4th)
Mark Grey (Schoolboy GR 2nd)
Jared Platt (Junior FS 2nd)
Gabe Ramos (Cadet GR 5th)
Zach Rey (Junior FS 6th)
Freddie Santaite (Junior GR 2nd/ Junior FS 2nd)
Nik Fekete (University FS 2nd)
Paul Galipeau (Most Fall Award Junior GR)
Zach Rey (Cadet GR 2nd/ Cadet FS 5th)
Freddie Santaite (Cadet FS 6th)
Chris Skretkowicz (University FS 2nd)
Alex Caruso (Cadet FS 3rd)
Lawrence Levinstone (University GR 4th)
Freddie Santaite (Cadet GR 3rd/ Cadet FS 4th)
Nik Fekete (University FS 3rd)
Archili Guliashvilli (Junior GR 2nd)
Cory Posey (Senoir GR 7th)
Chris Skretkowicz (University FS 4th, Fila Jr. 2nd)
Archili Guliashvilli (Junior GR 4th)
Chris Skretkowicz (Junior GR 2nd/ Junior FS 7th)
Jarred Terrell (Junior GR 8th)
JW Bykowsky (Junior GR 7th)
Kevin Fox (Cadet FS 6th)
Brian Nunziato (Cadet FS 2nd)
Cory Posey (University GR 2nd/ University FS 7th/ University Worlds GR 10th)
Chris Skretkowicz (Junior GR 3rd/ Junior FS 7th)
William Corbisiero (University GR 4th)
J.W. Bykowsky (Cadet FS 3rd)
Cory Posey (University GR 1st/ University Worlds GR 13th)
Chris Skretkowicz (Junior FS 7th)
Antonio Garay (Junior FS 3rd/ Most Falls Award)
Cory Posey (University GR 2nd)
Paul Devlin (Cadet GR 4th)
Nik Fekete (Junior GR 3rd/ Fila Junior FS 3rd)
Antonio Garay (Junior GR 5th)
James Hamfeldt (Fila Junior GR 6th)
Lawrence Levinstone (Fila Junior GR 8th)
Cory Posey (University GR 4th)
Mark Siwek (Fila Junior GR 8th)
Antonio Garay (Junior GR 7th/ Most Falls Award)
Cory Posey (Junior GR 2nd)
Nik Fekete (Cadet GR 6th)
Antonio Garay (Cadet FS 6th)
Cory Posey (Junior GR 3rd/ Junior FS 4th/ Fila Junior GR 2nd)
Tim Hakim (Junior GR 3rd/ Junior FS 6th/ Fila Junior FS 2nd)
Cory Posey (Junior GR 3rd/ Fila Junior GR 3rd)
Josh Bailor (Junior GR 5th)
Cory Posey (Cadet GR 4th)
Sam Richardson (Cadet FS 7th/ Cadet GR 5th)
Matt Ciampa (University GR 8th)
Matt Thompson (Cadet GR 7th)
Leo Pietrantuono (Junior GR 5th)
Bobby LaFranco (Espior FS 2nd)
Leo Pietrantuono (Junior GR 7th)
Dante Puorro (Cadet GR 5th)
Danny Smith (Junior FS 2nd)

Matt Ciampa